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Aachen - A city in the heart of Europe

Aachen is love at first sight. Approaching the town, you may not see an imposing skyline, but nature's greenery makes you feel heartly welcome! Aachen lies in a virtual valley, surrounded by fields, woods and hills. At its portals - closeby where three countries meet, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium - you find the nature reserves of the Ardennes and the Eifel. And Aachen exhilarates: its warm water springs have been enjoyed for more than two thousand years!

From Roman times there have been good connections with the rest of Europe. Today, the town is reachable by motorways from Cologne and Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. Via the airports of Maastricht/Aachen, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Brussels, or by fast train from Cologne/Dusseldorf, Brussels, Paris/London.

The town is a real pleasure for the pedestrian. The streets invitingly beckon the casual stroller, the lounger. The health cures and the conferences are never far apart, and there is always a worthwhile diversion. Aachen turns apparent contradictions into a sparkling entity. A metropolis nestling in natural surroundings, with a Southern Germanic atmosphere, an historic tradition and all the allure of modern living. Experience Aachen through the ICRM 2016.

City impressions

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